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4th Grade: The Simplified Math Curriculum

This Curriculum Includes:

  • Immediate access to the FULL curriculum.
  • Support videos to get you familiar with the curriculum and help you implement each unit.
  • Lifetime Access - Always have what you need when you need it.

Included Units:

  1. Unit 1: Place Value
  2. Unit 2: Addition & Subtraction
  3. Unit 3: Multiplication
  4. Unit 4: Division
  5. Unit 5: Factors, Multiples & Patterns
  6. Unit 6: Fractions
  7. Unit 7: Adding & Subtracting Fractions
  8. Unit 8: Multiplying Fractions
  9. Unit 9: Decimals
  10. Unit 10: Geometry
  11. Unit 11: Measurement

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What Teachers Are Saying:

OMG! Stop! This is truly everything you need to teach math. The warm ups are amazing and really help my students focus on math fluency, which I never have time for. The Lessons are "OUT OF THIS WORLD"! My prep time has gone WAY down because of this curriculum. Everyone needs this!

Shelley T.

I love everything about this curriculum. The thing I appreciate most is that it is so easy to use. The lesson plans really help me with teaching each lesson and understanding math misconceptions. Even if I'm new to teaching a topic, these lessons save the day! Top Quality!

Jaxon M.

Where has this been all my life? You both have thought of everything. I appreciate how the math journal goes right along with the Powerpoint lessons. This keeps my students engaged the whole time. The daily reflections have really helped my students take control of their own learning. They know what they need help with and that makes it easier to help. Thank you!

Shannon S.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this! This is exactly what I have been needing. Not only are the lesson presentations PRICELESS, but the number of quality materials are just unbelievable. My students (and I) love this curriculum!!!

Jessica H.

I love this curriculum. I tried something else at the beginning of the year, but it was paced way too fast and just didn't fit my current class. I switched to The Simplified Math Curriculum based on the recommendation from a teacher friend, and it is a GAME CHANGER! My students are 2 grade levels behind, but they have caught on with every lesson we have done! The powerpoints are amazing, and the "I do, we do, you do" has worked great! If you are thinking about it, get this one!

Stephanie D.

I love using this curriculum. Our school has the Go Math curriculum, and I sometimes find it challenging to find the right problems to choose while also allowing the students to have just some computation. This has provided all the gaps that I need to fill. Easy lessons, great PowerPoints. If you're thinking about getting this... get it!

Emily C.